The ClaimAid Advantage

CLA-Advantage-webHospitals and Health Care Providers

Whether you’re a large or small hospital or health care provider, urban or rural, you still have significant challenges when it comes to getting the most out of your revenue cycle and eliminating the potential for bad debt.  Whether it’s taking them by the hand and navigating your patients and their families through eligibility determination or helping you with the claims resolution process, we offer real solutions that increase revenue, reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction.  We offer you the ClaimAid Advantage.

Patients, Individuals and Families

You or someone in your family might be facing difficult decisions or life-threatening issues.  Financially, this prolonged process can seem stressful, maybe even hopeless.  The primary challenge is finding the best medical coverage program for you or your loved one.  We can provide solutions.  We will take your case personally from the very start and carefully walk you through the application and screening process one-on-one with you and your family.  It’s important that you understand the opportunities for expanded and/or full coverage in order to get peace of mind.  We offer you the ClaimAid Advantage.

School-Based Medicaid Billing

With state and federal dollars dwindling, property tax receipts down and the cost of providing service continually rising, schools get caught in the middle and can’t afford to invest time and valuable staff resources collecting essential Medicaid reimbursements.  We provide fast, effective solutions to help you with the Medicaid billing process that deliver increased revenue and timely reimbursements.  This adds up to significant savings to schools districts.  We offer you the ClaimAid Advantage.