Medicaid Eligibility Can Be Complicated—We Can Help

Medicaid eligibility is determined by several factors and can be complicated.  There are many categories of eligibility and several different Medicaid programs to consider, including the possibility of Medicaid Expansion in the state of Indiana.  The screening  and application process can seem overwhelming and intimidating.  Often patients and their families feel they don’t even qualify for any health coverage, including Medicaid.

As the burden of uncompensated care continues to grow, hospitals must adapt to the changing financial landscape marked by more uninsured and underinsured self-pay patients and limited resources when embracing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and policies.  In such a complicated environment, we can help navigate the patients through the eligibility process and offer assistance in getting all the proper documentation with the utmost care.  At the same time, help hospitals and providers increase the number of eligible patients and individuals who qualify for programs, such as Medicaid.

Our expert, compassionate patient advocates will work one-on-one with patients when screening and applying for health coverage eligibility, including Medicaid.  At the same time, we will work with hospitals and providers in making sure we find ways to minimize their costs, maximize their return on investment and help build better relationships with their patients.