Behavioral Health Facilities

ClaimAid Will Give Your Client a Helping Hand

While you are providing managed care for the mental health and well being of your clients, we can assist them through the eligibility process with any type of qualified medical coverage program.  At ClaimAid, our compassionate patient advocates have a deep understanding of your field and can provide a helping hand in navigating your consumers through the eligibility process.

The complexities of behavioral health care can often play a role in shaping the delivery of care.  As you are very aware, your time is much better spent on actual treatment, not on guiding your clients through the eligibility process with a medical coverage program.  So while you are providing the crucial support to your clients with the proper tools and programs, we can help your consumers get the health care coverage they need.

Our Services:

And recently added, ClaimAid has expanded its services by now offering assistance in applying and appealing for federal Social Security Disability benefits.  This new service is in addition to the long-standing eligibility support that we have been providing at the state level for 24 years.