Your Success Is Our Success

We serve every hospital with our core values in mind—putting individuals and families first, serving them with compassion, determination and respect.  Whether it’s providing eligibility and enrollment assistance to your patients and their families or an improved revenue cycle and a better bottom line to your hospital through our claims resolution service, you know you have a trusted partner in ClaimAid.  Your success is how we measure ours.

We ask one simple question:  Did we do what we promised with compassion, clarity, integrity and expertise?  At ClaimAid, we offer real solutions through a deep understanding of your industry, the eligibility process, claims resolution and the patients and families you serve.  Our unique blend of revenue cycle expertise, commitment to ongoing education and a real-world understanding of health care reform provides results to your patients and to your hospital.

Our Services:

And recently added, ClaimAid has expanded its services by now offering assistance in applying and appealing for federal Social Security Disability benefits.  This new service is in addition to the long-standing eligibility support that we have been providing at the state level for 24 years.