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Spanish version here As a key stakeholder in Indiana healthcare and leading advocate for hospitals and patients, ClaimAid served an important role in the development and roll out of the HIP program. ClaimAid helps providers and consumers to navigate ground breaking program elements such as POWER Account Contributions, Fast-track payments, Third Party Contributions and other cutting-edge […]

Health Coverage for Inmates

Inmate Re-entry Assistance Effective September 1, 2015 – (HEA 1269) Before discharge or release from a county jail of an offender incarcerated for at least thirty (30) days, the sheriff, in consultation with the county executive or a person designated by the county executive in the county in which the incarcerated person is located shall […]

Medicaid for the Disabled

Indiana offers health coverage for the disabled through the Medicaid for the Disabled program.  Individuals must meet income, resource, and medical requirements in order to receive the health coverage. For some, the most difficult hurdle is understanding and meeting the definition of disabled.  Indiana is considered a “1634 state” which means they use the same […]

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June 8, 2020 The recent spike in unemployment and loss of employer-sponsored coverage has created many opportunities to assist patients with new healthcare coverage options.  Many may be eligible for Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) and other states’ Medicaid options, and those with higher incomes may qualify for options available through the marketplace. Our ClaimAid […]

The Top Five Hospital Administrators During the Covid-19 Pandemic as Determined by the Emergency Physicians Who Staff Their ERs

Thank you Steve Long for selflessly serving your community. You can read LinkedIn’s Top Five article here


                  East Sac County Senior Awarded $2,000 Star Student Scholarship Arcadia Iowa-Senior Maggie Gosch, East Sac County Community Schools, received the 2020 Star Student Scholarship of Iowa in recognition of her academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and educational goals. In addition to being on Honor Roll, Maggie has enjoyed […]