SSD Denials: What Are They Based On?

9 Common Reasons Why A Claim May Be Denied Only one-third of initial Social Security disability claims are approved at the application level.  Understanding the reasons why so many claims are denied can help increase the chances of a successful disability application. Lack of Medical Evidence An applicant may assert any number of medical impairments. […]

The 5 Step Disability Evaluation Process

The 5 Step Disability Evaluation Process  The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a five-step sequential evaluation process to determine if an applicant is entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.  SSA will consider each step before moving onto the next step.  Below is a basic explanation of each step. Has the applicant been unable to work […]

Fast Decisions for Serious Impairments

 FAST DECISIONS FOR SERIOUS IMPAIRMENTS: Compassionate Allowances, TERI, Presumptive Disability 1.  Compassionate Allowance Cases If an applicant has a condition that has been designated a Compassionate Allowance, the SSA will approve him or her for disability benefits based on a relatively small amount of information (i.e. a letter from a doctor listing the diagnosis, x-ray […]