Social Security Disability and Chronic Pain   

Many applicants assert chronic pain as a disabling condition. Social Security uses a five step process to determine if chronic pain qualifies an applicant for benefits. 1)  Is the applicant engaging in substantial gainful activity according to the SSA definition?  If applicant earns more than $1,040 a month, they will be disqualified from receiving benefits. […]

Reid Health Community Benefit program awards grants

The Reid Health Community Benefit program recently awarded $164,661 in grants to programs aimed at improving access to care in the region served by the health system as part of the first grant cycle for 2016. In addition to grants, the Reid Health Community Benefit sponsors various programs focused on community health, including a dental […]

MCE Specific AR Forms

As you may know, the HIP MCEs do not recognize the FSSA AR form.  Each of the HIP MCEs require its own form to be submitted in order for anyone to communicate with them on behalf of the member.  If necessary, please use the forms below and fax to the appropriate number. Anthem AR Form Fax: […]

PE and In-Patient Coverage Update

  What you need to know: IHCP released a banner on May 17, 2016 clarifying hospital in-patient coverage for presumptively eligible members. Prior to this banner, if you did not receive a PE approval for a patient on the same date as the in-patient admit date, none of that stay would be covered under the […]

SSDI and Mental Impairments

It can be very difficult to get disability benefits for mental impairments, which include cognitive, emotional, psychological and psychiatric problems. Advancements in medication and treatment options have made living with mental illness more “manageable” in regards to activities of daily living (ADLs) and employment. As such, Social Security has very specific requirements that must be […]