What affects total reimbursements?

School based Medicaid reimbursements can vary and fluctuate year to year. The Medicaid in Schools newsletter reports that last year (2015), Indiana’s total annual Medicaid reimbursements per public school district ranged from less than $100 to $975,000 for covered IEP-required direct medical services and from $4,000 to $172,000 for MAC activities. Some factors that may […]

Indiana Medicaid Billing Tool

The newest version of the IHCP School Corporation Medicaid Billing Tool Kit was released this past month. Click below to see the updated links and code descriptions. Indiana Medicaid Billing Tool Kit

SSI and Children: Parental Income Deeming

HOW DOES DEEMING WORK FOR A CHILD? If a child is under the age of 18, not married, and lives at home with parent(s) who do not receive SSI benefits, SSA may consider a portion of the parents’ income and resources as if they were available to the child. SSA may also count a portion of […]

How can I prevent FSSA denials for failure to verify residency?

It is our understanding that FSSA has changed their policy on verifying IN residency when photo ID provides a different address than reported.  We understand that FSSA  will accept a signed statement from the applicant unless residency  is questionable. Please have the patient sign a statement reporting their address that you can then send to […]

HIP 2.0 Scorecard: Year Two

ClaimAid Executive Vice President, Beth Overmyer, was recently asked to contribute to the 2016 HFMA Indiana Pressler Memorial Chapter Summer Newsletter.  Overmyer decided to review Indiana’s HIP 2.0 program now in it’s second year of offering health coverage to low income families. Please follow the link below to read the full article starting on page […]

Fast Track Payment Questions

What information is requested at the time we are submitting the FT payment on line with the HIP application? Each MCE may have some slight differences but they all ask for the card #, type (VISA or Mastercard), expiration date of the card and name on card. This can be the hospital foundation name or […]

Fast Track (FT) Payment Procedures for ClaimAid Advocates

When Appropriate for Adult HIP applicants Explain FT payment by using the Written Consent Form for Initial POWER Account Payment. Obtain patient’s signature on page 2 and keep in file. Prior to giving Page 1 to the patient, Write their name, date and the MCE selected on the top of page. If they are in […]

What if WebInterchange does not provide the PE option?

Sometimes WebInterchange will not provide the Presumptive Eligibility (PE) option after you search an individual in their system. If the PE option does not appear after searching by the individual’s social security number or name and date of birth, inquire if the individual had previously been issued a RID number.  If they had, try searching […]

HIP enrollment process revised for PE adults

IHCP issued a bulletin on 8/9/16 which revised the process and time frame for conditional status and full enrollment for a PE member. Effective 8/5/2016 individuals that are enrolled as a PE member will transition from the PE # to a RID # the month following the month that the full HIP application is approved. […]