If you filed an application for a family of 4 and all of the family members were added in ACTS, how many Digital Cover Sheets should you turn in with the completed case file for storage?

Answer: One Advocates should only complete one Digital Cover sheet per application.  Determine who the “Head of Household” is (usually the first person listed on the application) and use that person’s information.  You can make notes in all accounts on ACTS to remind yourself who the Head of Household is so tracking the case later […]

ClaimAid work leads to hospital collecting $1.4 million

Fayette Regional Health System CEO talks about the immediate impact ClaimAid has on their bottom line in an article recently posted on axios.com.  Excerpt from the article: Getting a state to expand Medicaid is just half the battle for hospitals. Actually getting people to sign up for the coverage is the other half, and some hospitals […]