Downloadable Instructions.

  1. ACTS Login and Password Instructions
  2. Add New Patient Master
  3. Add Case to Existing Patient Master
  4. Add T-Codes and Reasons
  5. Manually Print a Letter
  6. ACTS Report Viewing Instructions


Your username is your full ClaimAid email address and you will need to reset your password if this is the first time using the system. Please see the attached Login and Password Instructions for more details. If you receive daily reports, please use the attached instructions for viewing those reports. Your username/password is the same for ACTS and the ACTS REPORTS website, so you do not need to reset your password if you are already using one in ACTS.

You should always login to: and you will not select your client from the dropdown menu at the very top of the screen at this time. (Unless you have otherwise been instructed) Also, please be sure to select the ACTS button at the top of the screen (Fig 1.) and ALWAYS SEARCH using “Patient Lookup” (Fig. 2) in the ACTS window (not the top “Search” button, though we will be using that later…) Also, if you are inputting new Accounts/Cases that you are working as an Advocate, you will need to Assign the Account to yourself using the “Assign To” drop down in the Account/Case Details Screen. (Fig. 3)

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3


Please use the form below to report problems, make suggestions, or ask questions about our new system.

If you need help changing your password or resetting your password, PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR PASSWORD HELP INSTRUCTIONS.