Every member of your team is essential to accomplishing your company’s mission!  Yet not every employee is with you full time and has access to your benefits.  You can still help them find the resources they need to provide coverage for themselves and their families.

Full-time assistance for part-time team members

  • Connect benefits ineligible employees with a personal and compassionate advocate who will help them get the coverage they and their family members need
  • Offer beginning-to-end assistance through the screening process; with new and re-applications; overcoming denials; and keeping coverage over time.
  • A helping hand for those team members who might be part-time, but are still an essential part of your organization so they can come to work knowing they and their families are secure.

ClaimAid has been helping people without insurance find the resources they need for their families for over 30 years.  Especially during this challenging time when perhaps you’ve had to reduce some hours, you still want your employees to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their family has healthcare coverage. A personal advocate to listen to their story and identify resources just for them, walking them through the process of applying for and securing ongoing coverage, might make their load a little lighter!

“While helping individuals and families obtain health insurance, I’ve met people at sometimes their lowest points in life.  I get to be part of something that can bring them comfort, care and peace of mind…and that is extremely rewarding!”

– ClaimAid Advocate

As our country begins to re-open and employees take on the new challenges facing them, how can you help those who no longer qualify for your benefits plan due to job loss or reduced hours?

With ClaimAid you have a compassionate team ready to help your employees who need assistance accessing resources available to them. Just because their eligibility to your company benefits is changing, it does not mean they are on their own.  We partner with you to be the helping hand your employees need as they navigate this new environment.

Our approach makes us different—people come first. At ClaimAid, we care about your organization and your community. Our expert and dedicated team works collaboratively to provide responsive, personal service with a commitment to ongoing education and lasting client relationships. In today’s constantly changing environment – we call this the ClaimAid Advantage. ​