Cameron Hospital is pleased to announce their recent partnership with ClaimAid, a leading provider of Medicaid and Health Insurance Marketplace services for hospitals and other provider partners, patients and their families.  This partnership will assist uninsured and underinsured patients and their families in determining eligibility and enrollment for health care coverage options and financial assistance programs.

“We are very fortunate to have the representatives from ClaimAid on site to assist our patients and community,” said Doug Bomba, Cameron Chief Financial Officer (CFO). “To be able to offer one-on-one assistance with eligibility screenings and enrollment services is invaluable to patients and helps to give people peace of mind as it relates to their health care.”

ClaimAid has appointed Julie Geier to serve as the Patient Advocate for the new partnership.  Geier will play a key role in improving the patient experience with a sense of compassion and an in-depth understanding of guiding and supporting patients and their families when it comes to today’s health care challenges.

“We’re grateful to have the opportunity to assist and advocate for the Cameron Hospital patients and community.  Together we’ll give patients the help they need to efficiently navigate through the myriad of health care coverage programs,” said Chas LaPierre, ClaimAid President and CEO.

Geier will not only help patients apply for financial assistance, but will guide them through the entire process.  ClaimAid services are free to all individuals.

About ClaimAid

Founded in 1988, ClaimAid offers full-service eligibility and claims resolution for hospitals and other providers, their patients and families. A leader in the Health Care Industry, ClaimAid stays on top of state and federal requirements and closely monitors National Healthcare, making sure they address the specific needs for each provider and individual they serve. For more information about ClaimAid, visit To contact the company directly, please ask for Brad Willkie, 317.295.4050, or email