ClaimAid is proud to announce our new partnership with Gilbert Community School District to provide School-Based Medicaid Billing Services.  The school corporation is located in Gilbert, Iowa.

ClaimAid Client Services Representatives will provide fast, effective solutions to generate reimbursements for the cost of providing crucial health-related services in the special education department.  ClaimAid will help streamline the documentation process while maintaining program compliance mandates.

About ClaimAid

Founded in 1988, ClaimAid offers effective solutions that simplify and streamline the Medicaid billing process while delivering increased revenue and timely reimbursement for the state specific IEP special education services in schools across the country.  With over two decades of experience, we partner with any size organization to provide tailored solutions with unmatched personal service.  A leader in the Health Care Industry, ClaimAid also offers full-service eligibility and claims resolution for hospitals and other providers, their patients and families. ClaimAid stays on top of state and federal requirements and closely monitors National healthcare, making sure they address the specific needs for each provider and individual they serve. To contact the company directly, please ask for Brad Willkie, 317.295.4050, or email