Working Shoulder-to-Shoulder With a Helping Hand

We are proud of what our hospitals, providers, patients and schools think of us. They trust us to work shoulder-to-shoulder with them, extending a helping hand, sharing our knowledge and delivering solutions to their challenging issues. The story of ClaimAid is filled with successful outcomes. These are testimonials that span hospitals, providers, individuals, their families and schools. By taking a true partnership with those we serve, you can see for yourself how we turn overwhelming challenges into solutions with compassion, clarity, experience and integrity.

In 2015, Henry County Hospital achieved the Healthgrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award. They were one of only 204 hospitals achieving recognition in the top five percent in the nation. The leadership at Henry County Hospital recognized the efforts of ClaimAid in an acknowledgement that read:

“There are over 3,000 hospitals and your efforts helped put us in the top 5%. What an incredible honor for our small hospital, competing against so many mega hospital systems.”

“ClaimAid has successfully provided us with onsite Medicaid eligibility and enrollment assistance since 2009. The addition of ClaimAid has proven extremely beneficial in helping determine and assist our patients with the Medicaid enrollment process. It is reassuring to know we have a trusted partner who joins us in treating our patients with professionalism and respect.”

“Service has been INVALUABLE”

“Our on-site Advocate staff members are excellent.”