We build customized solutions to help your part-time employees determine their eligibility in Medicaid, Expanded Medicaid, Affordable Care Act/Marketplace, and Social Security Income/Disability. Discuss the subsidized healthcare coverage options for your part-time employees using ClaimAid's BeWise solutions.

Discuss the healthcare benefit needs for your part-time employees using ClaimAid's BeWise solutions.

As an employer, you’re an excellent candidate for BeWise if:

  • You have part-time employees who are not eligible for your health insurance
  • You want to educate and provide enrollment assistance for subsidy healthcare coverage
  • Your part-time employees have family members who don’t have healthcare coverage

How we can help


While we can work in any industry, BeWise best serves part-time, lower-wage employees. Our discovery call or meeting will cover topics such as:

  • Benefits eligibility requirements
  • Employee population demographics
  • Open enrollment process
  • Options for ineligible employees

Employee Engagement

BeWise takes a people-first approach to helping your employees through:

  • One-on-one meetings
  • Determining the best subsidized healthcare coverage options available
  • Full support in the enrolling process

Ongoing Support

We understand that healthcare coverage support doesn’t end after enrollment approval. That’s why our advocates are always here to help:

  • Follow-up conversations
  • Redetermination of healthcare coverage
  • Point of contact for benefits questions

Check out our benefits


Improve Employee Satisfaction

Keep your employees satisfied with expert guidance about their subsidized healthcare coverage options that will provide security for them and their families.


Support Your Benefits Team

Answering questions about subsidized healthcare coverage can get overwhelming for your benefits team. We provide the additional support they need to help your employees.


Increase Retention and Attendance

The personalized support we give to employees offers the education and support they are looking for from an employer. The happier your employees are, the more loyal they will be.

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