The belief in taking care of our employees and those we serve starts at the top. Led by our highly experienced Executive Team, ClaimAid has a rich heritage of compassionately serving our clients through tireless leadership, vision and dedication at every level of the company. Please feel free to browse our site and learn more about all of our team—the people who willingly serve you.

Dave Blanford

Dave Blanford

Chairman of the Board

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as Chairman of the Board for ClaimAid, a company that has built a strong history with our clients based on guided principles, compassion and high-level service.

Being a part of this company from the very beginning, I look forward to the opportunities and solutions we will continue to provide our clients in the days and years ahead. What makes us different is that we have a dedicated team that places the interests of people first, treating them with dignity and respect and pursuing what’s best for them when it comes to finding solutions to complex issues in the health care industry that affect them on a personal level. Whether it’s a hospital wanting an improved revenue cycle, an individual needing assistance with health coverage or a school asking for Medicaid-billing assistance, they can rely on us to be their advocate–to guide and support them from beginning to end.

At ClaimAid, we are committed every single day with the highest of standards of performance, compassion and integrity. This is what our clients have come to expect, and we look forward to continuing that trust as their leading source for health coverage assistance and claims resolution.

Dave is co-founder and chairman of our board. He’s a graduate of the Indiana University School of Business. Prior to joining ClaimAid, he was the former owner of the Molloy Companies, four businesses that administered group health insurance and wellness plans out of offices in Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Des Moines and Orlando. He serves as a trustee of his church, a founding director of the board of the Sheltering Wings Center for Women and Chairman of the board of the Indiana Bankers Association Group Insurance Trust. Formerly, he was Trustee of Cincinnati Bible University; a member of the Alexander Christian Foundation’s Board; a member of the board of the Christianville, Haiti Christian Mission; and an elder in his church. Dave teaches an adult Sunday School class.

Chas LaPierre

Chas LaPierre

President & CEO

After being in the health care industry for 17 years, the majority of my career has been spent on patient advocacy. It’s one of the reasons I joined ClaimAid in the first place.  From the very beginning, I knew that ClaimAid was a company focused on operating with the best interest of its clients and patients in mind.

This still holds true today. Our vision is to positively impact the lives we touch. I’m proud that we are a company that has a core set of Principles that put others in front of ourselves.  It’s the driving force behind what we do. We help individuals get the care and resources they need to carry on. Our dedicated team has the skills and experience to perform at a level that provides our clients with a solid return on investment—and the individuals we touch with the compassion and care they deserve.

Chas is responsible for the overall leadership of the company, including sales, operations, administration, account management and marketing.  A graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, he has had a wealth of experience in leading others and strategic decision making in the health care industry. He is very involved with TEC (The Executive Committee), a support network for business professionals, HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association), his church and his family.

Beth Overmyer

Beth Overmyer

Executive Vice President

I have been in the field for over 38 years beginning as an intern while a student at IUPU-Ft. Wayne at the Allen County Division of Family Services.

During my employment with Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn Medicaid and state administered health coverage program policy with direct firsthand experience. This knowledge and exposure to numerous situations and scenarios led me to realize that individuals, especially during medical crisis and unexpected life challenges, need more than a finger pointed in the direction of an agency that processes applications. There are real faces and lives connected to the statistics and applications we reviewed and processed that were affected by having or not having health coverage. People don’t choose or plan to become ill or have an accident. People (we) may make bad choices, but no one is exempt from making them. I discovered the lack of insurance does not discriminate. It is a fact that unfortunate life circumstances occur; situational and generational poverty exists. A compassionate listening ear, preserving the dignity of the individual and assessing the availability and eligibility for medical coverage programs with kindness and without judgment is what ClaimAid and the advocates strive to provide to each person they encounter. Having the opportunity to meet the individuals for this particular need with the knowledge afforded to us with our experience results in making a positive difference in their lives. That is the reward.

Before ClaimAid, Beth worked for Family and Social Services Administration for 16 years, the last 8 as an Administrative Law Judge. She is a member of HFMA ( Healthcare Financial Management Association) and IRHA (Indiana Rural Health Association), Indy Runners/Walkers and Cross and Crown Lutheran Church. Her current responsibilities as Executive Vice President include Management of Eligibility Services, which includes staff development, team building, tracking the governing rules and regulations including the state legislative and federal changes affecting healthcare. Other responsibilities include providing research and policy guidance to providers and staff; mentoring management and appeal representatives; providing in-service training to medical providers and serving as guest speaker to professional healthcare organizations. She maintains a high degree of customer service and works toward achieving continuous improvement in client’s revenue through reduction of self-pay bad debt utilizing technological tools and analysis of data.

J Hopkins

J Hopkins

Senior Vice President

There’s a reason why ClaimAid is a leading provider of proven revenue cycle and eligibility and claims resolution services for hospitals, patients and schools. In my many years in the Health Care and Finance industry, I have yet to experience a company as positive, dedicated and compassionate as ClaimAid.

As part of the Executive Team, I offer a strong comprehensive approach to problem solving that will continue to steer ClaimAid with a sense of compassion and an in-depth understanding of the unprecedented transformation in the Health Care industry and what it means for our clients. Many feel powerless when it comes to the rising health care costs and the challenges that await with National healthcare. Our mission is to care, guide and support so they don’t feel helpless and incapable of getting the help they need. At ClaimAid, we will continue to take on these unique challenges with new innovative solutions, yet with the same trust and integrity. I’m humbled and honored to be part of ClaimAid.

J is responsible for training, certification for eligibility, new product development and enhanced technologies. Before joining ClaimAid, he was the Associate Director of Patient Access & Financial Eligibility Services for Wishard Health Services in Indianapolis, IN. Prior to Wishard, he served as the Executive Director for Indiana Health Care Services (IHCS), leading the business division of the Indiana Health Care Association (IHCA). J earned a B.A. in History and Classical Language with a Master’s in Public Administration from Ball State University, Muncie, IN.

Brad Willkie

Brad Willkie

Senior Vice President of Sales

Having proudly served the Health Care Industry since 1984, most of the past 30 years have been dedicated to services associated with Patient Financial Services. Most of this focus has supported the collection effort solutions of patient debt – from Patient Statements to Early Out to Collections.

At ClaimAid, I now have the privileged opportunity to help the patients on the front end, either at the time of incurring their medical debt or proactively helping them enroll into affordable health coverage programs that will insulate them from shouldering unnecessary costs and financial strain. At the same time, we are helping our Partner Providers with reimbursement on self-pay patient balances to help increase their revenue, lower their costs and help them focus on their patients and their families.

Being part of ClaimAid means being part of something significant that makes a difference in people’s lives and those of our Partner Providers. Our hands on approach offers a unique skill set to the Healthcare Providers and HFMA Members in the Midwest and beyond. Every day, our culture – our mindset – is that we are genuinely dedicated to helping uninsured and underinsured individuals from incurring more financial debt and stress in an already challenging time. And along with its rich history, it’s exciting working at such a forward-thinking company, such as the recent release of our new software upgrade that offers up so many benefits not only for our Provider Partners and ClaimAid Patient Advocates, but ultimately for our number one priority – patients and their families.

Brad is responsible for New Business Development. He especially focuses on the organization’s long-term business plans and the implementation of ClaimAid’s business development strategy throughout Indiana and regionally. Prior to joining ClaimAid, he served as Vice President of Business Development with GLA Collections Company/KAMP Medical Billing. Willkie double majored at Purdue University in West Layfayette, IN, where he earned a B.S. in Industrial Management and a B.A. in Public Relations. He’s also a member of the HFMA Indiana Pressler Memorial Chapter, where he has served in many capacities, including President, Committee Chair, Board Member for nine years and recently elected as the Regional Executive Elect for 2015. HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association) is the nation’s leading personal membership organization for healthcare financial management professionals.

Kathy Roberts

Kathy Roberts

Vice President

With over 36 years experience in many facets of the health care industry, I joined ClaimAid in 1990. Always an advocate, I’ve always loved helping individuals and/or families get much needed medical coverage.

Some people are so intimidated by the whole process or have had a bad experience that they don’t know where to start. I love being able to take them by the hand and navigate them through the process. I also enjoy working with our staff members who care as much as I do about the people we serve. Meeting and getting to know staff members at our client facilities is a blessing. I find I learn something new everyday which is a good thing.

Everyone here has the same philosophy—we are here to serve our clients and to help as many patients as we can receive as much medical coverage as possible. Many of us have been here for a long time, and we have shared many things: babies, weddings, cancer of staff members, death of staff and death of parents. This has made us all close to each other, and we truly care for each other. I truly believe that our principles speak for us all and say who we are as people and as a company.

Lori Bell

Lori Bell

Vice President/HIPAA Compliance Officer

I have worked in the health care industry for over 28 years and have been with ClaimAid from the very beginning in 1989.

I chose ClaimAid because I believed in the vision Mr. Cooper started in helping hospitals and their patients or schools and their staff.  With our staff’s understanding of the health care industry, we are able to help clients and individuals work through all the complexities to find real solutions.

My favorite thing about working at ClaimAid is the commitment to our employees; we are like family.  Our employees are dedicated to serving our clients, in part, because of that commitment from ClaimAid.  We strive to be and do our best for ClaimAid and our clients.

Prior to joining ClaimAid,  I worked for Dave Blanford at the Molloy Companies.  It was an honor to work with Dave and continue my relationship with him at ClaimAid; a company that holds the same values of compassion and integrity to the clients and employees.

Throughout my 28 year tenure with ClaimAid, I have had many responsibilities.   Most of my 28 years of experience has been in the Health Care billing industry.  My current responsibilities include the Claims billing department, HIPAA Compliance Officer and working with developers on implementing new School Based Billing software.

Most recently, Lori received the ClaimAid “Above and Beyond” Award.  This award is given to employees, by employees, in recognition of characteristics that support our clients and co-workers; being available, flexible, humble, loyal and sincere. Lori has been married 24 years and when she’s not at work, she loves spending time with family and friends.

Bill Estes

Bill Estes

Vice President Human Resources

I joined ClaimAid in 2015, bringing over 25 years of experience in the Human Resources field.  In my role as Human Resources Director, I ensure that ClaimAid recruits and retains high performing and motivated employees.

ClaimAid’s Vision states “To positively impact the lives we touch by consistently following our principles.” It is not just a vision statement, it is the way we manage our business every day.

Prior to coming to ClaimAid, Bill served on the Sr. Leadership Team as the Director of Employee Benefits for Allison Transmission where he was responsible for developing and managing all employee benefits.  In this role, Bill wrote Benefit Plan Documents, wellness plans, managed on-site clinics, managed outside vendors, as well as set up benefit administration systems that interfaced with payroll and vendors.  Bill also served as Sr. Human Resource Representative for General Motors.

Bill holds a BS in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University.  Bill is a member of Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Indy SHRM.

I have been married to my wife, Michal, for 39 years. We have two married adult children, and a grandson, William Bill.  My wife and I enjoy traveling in our RV, riding our bicycles and taking our Yorkie, Addie, for walks.  Most of all, we enjoy time with our family.  In my spare time, I serve as an Elder at Cornerstone Christina Church where Michal and I both attend for the past 37 years.