What is an Early-Out program? 

An Early Out program is a process designed to increase your revenue from self-pay accounts.  It can be set up well as early as day one or as late as day 90.

Why would I outsource my Early Out program? 

Most hospital software is focused on patient care, not collecting money.  A good Early Out partner will have software and procedures that are focused on collecting from your patients.

Why should I choose ClaimAid Self-Pay Solutions LLC (CASPS)? 

CASPS brings over ten years of experience collecting from patients.  It also has over twenty years of experience collecting from insurance companies when that scenario arises.  CASPS realizes that your hospital is unique.  We will work with you to design a custom program.  For example, you may want us to handle some or all of your charity applications, bankruptcies, insurance follow-up, or bad-debt referral.

Will I receive many complaints from our patients? 

No.  Our representatives are trained and monitored to collect from your patients in a very friendly manner.  Just in case, telephone calls are recorded.  If you do receive a complaint, you may listen to the telephone call yourself.

Can I afford to outsource my early out accounts? 

Yes.  Generally within a few months, the money collected for you will be greater than the fee we charge you.  Plus, you can free up your employees to work on larger projects.  Typically, our clients see their self-pay revenue increase 38% within six months.

How often do we get our money? 

Daily.  CASPS can electronically deposit to your account.  Any money collected on Monday can be deposited into your account on Tuesday.

Can our patients pay online? 

Absolutely.  Our statements include your payment website.  Or, we will provide a hosted payment site free of charge!

How do I get started? 

Click on this link to send an email to a CASPS representative.

Does ClaimAid Self-Pay Solutions have an Identity Theft Prevention Program?

Yes, CASPS has a policy guideline concerning identity theft prevention and CASPS employees have been trained to follow this guideline. The guideline is available for viewing.