HIP 2.0 is finally here, expanding eligibility to an additional 350,000 Hoosiers. Resources for providers are now available at the ClaimAid website. The Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE) program expands aggressively in Indiana and the final rule for IRS 501 (r) regulations will have a major impact on charitable organizations. Our goal remains to provide you and your patients / clients / consumers with the ClaimAid Advantage.

HIP 2.0 Coverage Begins February 1st, 2015

  • Indiana Governor Mike Pence recently announced the approval of the HIP 2.0 Medicaid Waiver application, effectively extending health coverage to an additional 350,000 uninsured Hoosiers.

What you need to know:

  • Applications are being accepted now with coverage as early as 2/1/2015.
  • Increases the number of Hoosiers eligible for coverage by 350, 000.
  • Three new HIP programs: HIP Plus, HIP Basic, & HIP Employer Benefit Link
  • “Health savings-like” POWER Accounts for all HIP participants.
  • Increases reimbursement rates for the current Medicaid program.
  • All members have emergency room co-pays for “inappropriate” use of ER.
  • Coverage in HIP Plus begins the month POWER Account contribution is made. Those below 100% FPL who make no contribution become HIP Basic. Members above 100% Federal Poverty Line (FPL) are subject to a 6 month lock-out period for non-payment.
  • Includes a new Hospital Presumptive Eligibility category for Adults.
  • If you or your patients / clients have questions you may direct them to a ClaimAid advocate or CONTACT US.

Hospital Presumptive Eligibility Expands in Indiana

  • The HIP 2.0 Waiver approval includes requirements for the state of Indiana to expand its Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE) program. The waiver adds a new category for Adults age 19-64 and allows Rural Health Centers (RHCs), Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs), Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and health departments to participate.
  • What you need to know: The waiver includes an aggressive expansion in provider participation, setting a goal of “90 percent of potentially qualifying entities… trained and participating by September 1, 2015,” though “[p]otential qualifying entities that have refused or not responded to opportunities to participate will not be counted.” The new PE category will also be operated using Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), may last up to 60 days, and replace retroactive coverage for the new covered populations. If you are not presently enrolled as a QP or you are enrolled and have questions about compliance and program participation, please CONTACT US.

501 (r) Rules Finalized – Major implications for Charitable Hospitals

  • What you need to know: The final rule applies to “all hospital organizations that are (or seek to be) recognized as described in section 501(c)(3), including those that are government hospital organizations.” There are several new requirements related to Financial Assistance and Collection policies. If you would like a review of your Financial Assistance Policies or have other questions on how the final rule will affect your organization, please CONTACT US.

ClaimAid Planning Public Information Sessions for HIP 2.0                  

  • ClaimAid is working with state officials at the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) to provide public information and education sessions throughout the state of Indiana.
  • What you need to know: Now that the HIP 2.0 waiver application is approved, ClaimAid will be holding public information and education sessions throughout the state to inform the public about the new program. These sessions will include presentations and Q & A with ClaimAid staff as well as representatives from the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration (FSSA). If your organization would like to host or participate in one of these events, please CONTACT US.