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Spanish version here As a key stakeholder in Indiana healthcare and leading advocate for hospitals and patients, ClaimAid served an important role in the development and roll out of the HIP program. ClaimAid helps providers and consumers to navigate ground breaking program elements such as POWER Account Contributions, Fast-track payments, Third Party Contributions and other cutting-edge […]

Health Coverage for Inmates

Inmate Re-entry Assistance Effective September 1, 2015 – (HEA 1269) Before discharge or release from a county jail of an offender incarcerated for at least thirty (30) days, the sheriff, in consultation with the county executive or a person designated by the county executive in the county in which the incarcerated person is located shall […]

Medicaid for the Disabled

Indiana offers health coverage for the disabled through the Medicaid for the Disabled program.  Individuals must meet income, resource, and medical requirements in order to receive the health coverage. For some, the most difficult hurdle is understanding and meeting the definition of disabled.  Indiana is considered a “1634 state” which means they use the same […]

340B Drug Program

The 340B Drug Pricing Program has been a hot topic recently because of suggestions sent to Congress asking for restrictions on the program.  Currently the program requires drug manufacturers to supply eligible health care facilities with outpatient drugs at significantly reduced prices.  Facilities utilize this program to assist with treatments for low-income, uninsured or underinsured […]

HIP Link

HIP Link is part of Indiana’s HIP program and provides assistance to working Hoosiers who wish to participate in their employer’s insurance plan. For an employee to participate, employers must register their health plans with HIP Link and must meet the minimum benefit requirements of the Affordable Care Act in order to participate. The employee […]

Tax Forms and Health Coverage

With tax season among us, many individuals will be required to obtain forms verifying health coverage they secured in 2015.  For guidance on these matters, you should always contact your accountant or tax preparer. Below is a chart explaining some of the forms individuals may receive from different entities. Form Description W-2 In box12 of […]

Hoosier Healthwise Coverage for Children

Indiana offers health coverage for children under the Hoosier Healthwise program.  This program covers doctor visits, prescriptions, dental and vision care, hospitalizations, and more. Parents or caregivers can apply for coverage for their children through the FSSA online application process and normally receive a determination within 45 days.  Eligibility is based off of age, household […]

HIP Fast Track Payments

  HIP Fast Track Payments   HIP applicants are able to expedite the start of their HIP Plus coverage through the Fast Track option.  Fast Track allows individuals to make a $10 payment toward their first POWER account contribution while the application is being processed.  If the HIP application is approved, coverage may begin the […]

Presumptive Eligibility (PE)

Presumptive Eligibility is a category of assistance offered through The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) by which individuals can be determined presumptively eligible and receive temporary health coverage until the FSSA determines official eligibility. Here are some highlights of the program: Qualified Providers, such as, acute care and psychiatric hospitals, are allowed to assist individuals […]

Breast and Cervical Cancer Assistance

The Indiana Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP) is the Hoosier implementation of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.  The BCCP provides access to breast and cervical cancer screenings, diagnostic testing, and treatment for underserved and underinsured women who qualify for specific guidelines. As of 2009, the BCCP is also capable of […]