HIP Fast Track Payments


HIP applicants are able to expedite the start of their HIP Plus coverage through the Fast Track option.  Fast Track allows individuals to make a $10 payment toward their first POWER account contribution while the application is being processed.  If the HIP application is approved, coverage may begin the first of the month in which the Fast Track payment was made.

Individuals can make a Fast Track payment by credit card or debit card at the time of application but they must choose a Managed Care Entity (MCE) at that time.  Once payment is made, they will not be able to change MCEs without cause, so it is important for patients to know the options and what plan is right for them.

The benefit to paying the Fast Track payment at time of application is that it preserves eligibility back to the beginning of the month in which the payment is made (if PE is not filed in that same month).  Services rendered earlier in the month, prior to the Fast Track payment have the potential of being covered.


Example #1 (without PE):

Date Action
June 23 ClaimAid assists individual with submitting an IHCP application and pays $10 Fast Tack Prepayment directly on electronic application.
July 15
  • Individual is determined eligible for HIP with a monthly POWER Account contribution of $5
  • HIP PLUS benefits begin effective June 1 (first day of month in which the Fast Track Prepayment was received)
  • $5 overpayment of the individuals June POWER Account contribution is credited on the July POWER Account invoice

Example #2 (with PE):

Date Action
June 23
  • Individual presents with acute condition and is determined presumptively eligible for HIP.
  • Individual is enrolled in PE HIP with temporary coverage equivalent to HIP Basic benefits effective June 23 through at least July 31.
July 2 Individual submits IHCP application and pays $10 Fast Track Prepayment directly on the electronic application
July 15
  • Individual determined eligible for HIP with a monthly POWER Account contribution of $10.
  • Individual remains on PE HIP through the end of the month in which full HIP eligibility was determines and prepayment made.
  • HIP PLUS benefits begin August 1 (first day of month following the month in which prepayment was received)
  • Because the Fast Track Prepayment and the required monthly POWER Account contribution are the same amount, reconciliation on future invoice is not required.
July 31 PE period expires
August 1 HIP PLUS benefits begin


ClaimAid Patient Advocates are trained to evaluate an individual’s need and explain their options so they can make the best decision in gaining health coverage.  We understand the importance of assessing both the immediate need as well as the future.

Third parties are allowed to make the Fast Track payment on behalf of the individual.  If your facility is interested in this option, ClaimAid can assist you with implementing this process.  We can guide you through the steps that must be completed to be compliant with CMS directives pursuant to the Indiana Administrative Code.

Please contact ClaimAid at 800.842.4052 today for more information about our Eligibility Services.


For additional information about FAST TRACK PAYMENTS: http://www.in.gov/fssa/hip/2501.htm