HIP Link is part of Indiana’s HIP program and provides assistance to working Hoosiers who wish to participate in their employer’s insurance plan. For an employee to participate, employers must register their health plans with HIP Link and must meet the minimum benefit requirements of the Affordable Care Act in order to participate.

The employee can apply with the state and if approved, receive assistance to help pay the premium, co-pays, and co-insurance.  The employer will deduct the cost of premiums from the employees’ pay, per normal procedure.  The State will then reimburse the employee for a portion of that premium.  Employees must have household income at or below approximately 138% of FPL and meet other requirements such as residency and citizenship.


Molly participates in HIP Link and her monthly income is: $1,300.00
Her 2% HIP Link contribution would be: $26.00
If the monthly cost (premium) of employer insurance is: $100.00
Each month, Molly would get a check for: $74.00

Several employers have enrolled with HIP Link and therefor IHCP Providers may be seeing HIP Link members seeking services at their facility.  All members enrolled will receive a HIP Link identification card in which providers can use to verify coverage on Web interchange. The provider should ask to see both the employer sponsored insurance card and the HIP Link card.


HIP Link members receive the following benefits:

  • Employer-sponsored insurance premium assistance
  • A $4000 Personal Wellness and Responsibility Account (POWER account)
  • Wraparound IHCP services


All services rendered to HIP Link members should be billed to the employer-sponsored insurance as the primary payer.  Once that claim has been adjudicated, the provider may submit a claim to the IHCP to receive reimbursement for the member’s out of pocket responsibility.

For more detailed information, please read the following IHCP bulletin here.


For more information regarding ClaimAid Comprehensive Eligibility Services, please call 800.842.4052.