Indiana Governor Mike Pence recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary of HIP and recognized the success the state has had with it. The Governor announced that more than 370,000 individuals are participating in the program and nearly 7 out of 10 members elected to contribute to their POWER account.  In addition, more than 5,300 new health care providers are now signed on to and are accepting the HIP coverage.  HIP is the nations first consumer-driven health care program aimed to cover Hoosier adults aged 19-64 who meet specific income levels.  If you have questions or would like to discuss how ClaimAid can assist your organization, please CONTACT US.

 HIP Key Points to Consider:
  • Increases the number of Hoosiers eligible for coverage.
  • Three HIP programs: HIP Plus, HIP Basic, & HIP Employer Benefit Link
  • “Health savings-like” POWER Accounts for all HIP participants.
  • Increases reimbursement rates for the current Medicaid program.
  • All members have  emergency room co-pays for “inappropriate” use of ER.
  • Coverage in HIP Plus begins the month POWER Account contribution is made. Those below 100% FPL who make no contribution become HIP Basic.
  • Members above 100% Federal Poverty Line (FPL) are subject to a 6 month lock-out period for non-payment.
  • Includes Hospital Presumptive Eligibility category for Adults.