Fayette Regional Health System CEO talks about the immediate impact ClaimAid has on their bottom line in an article recently posted on axios.com. 

Excerpt from the article:

Getting a state to expand Medicaid is just half the battle for hospitals. Actually getting people to sign up for the coverage is the other half, and some hospitals are turning to outside vendors to run that process, Bob Herman reports from the Kaiser Family Foundation fellowship in Indianapolis.

What’s going on: Indiana expanded Medicaid under then-Gov. Mike Pence, but many uninsured people were unaware of the expansion (called Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0) or how it works. Fayette Regional Health System, a small hospital in rural Connersville, Indiana, hired the billing company ClaimAid to look at its uninsured patients and sign them up for health insurance if they’re eligible.

It’s had an immediate effect: The hospital enrolled hundreds of patients and was able to collect $1.4 million last year — a return that more than offset the cost of hiring ClaimAid. “This adds bits and pieces back to us,” Fayette Regional CEO Randy White said….