We have heard from some of you that recently HPE members’ temporary coverage is being terminated at the end of the month following the HPE approval despite their timely filed full applications either remaining in pending or conditional status.  OMPP has been made aware of this and will be researching the cause.

If this occurs please:

  1.   Contact the Document Center or DFR to attempt to resolve.
  2.   If they do not acknowledge the error and rescind the action;  Email the FSSA by using the contact page at: http://www.in.gov/fssa/2404.htm.  Complete the fields, explain the issue (see example below), and select “Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning” from the drop down box at the bottom before submitting.  You may use the following example to explain the issue:

Case # xxxxxxxxxx

HPE filed and approved          12/19/16

Full application filed                1/12/17

HPE ended                                 1/31/17

Conditional approval letter    2/13/17

It is our understanding that HPE continues until the individual that has filed a timely full application is determined eligible.  If determined eligible, HIP Basic continues until the 60 day invoice period expires or the POWER account contribution is made.  The above example has resulted in a gap in coverage.

  3.  If it has not been resolved within 20 days, appeal the closure.

     Please update ACTS at each point. Contact your manager if you have any questions.