Please carefully read the IHCP bulletin that clarifies presumptive eligibility for incarcerated individuals.  The information in the bulletin is different from what we understood from previous written directives and training material from FSSA.


  • This bulletin provides descriptions and examples of incarceration vs. non-incarceration which could result in an inmate PE vs. a regular PE.
  • It also provides that income and family size should not automatically be considered $0 and 1 for a non -disabled adult.  For a  non-disabled individual, everyone who files taxes together with the applicant should be considered in determining income and family size for eligibility purposes.
  • If an incarcerated individual has coverage that has not been suspended and is expected to be incarcerated for more than 30 days, the Qualified Provider should submit an email to with all the inmates information, including the DOC or county jail facility, to have  a PE for Inmates application processed.