Based on the new Medicaid announcements, patients need us now more than ever.  Our Advocates have been notified of these new enhancements and are implementing the new rules and guidance as needed.  These include:


  • Presumptive Eligibility Applications may be temporarily completed over the phone with ClaimAid Patient Advocates. PE Enrollees still require completion of the Full Indiana Health Coverage Programs application and ClaimAid Patient Advocates will ensure this work is done.
  • Medicaid, Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) & Marketplace / plans are available for people who have recently lost employment or have had income reduced.
  • FSSA Document Center Remains Open. ClaimAid Patient Advocates continue to work with local and state DFR/FSSA offices via telephone and fax. As Authorized Representatives for your patients, staff will also continue to assist in case management through the FSSA benefits portal.
  • Temporarily Suspended Premium Payments. Premiums and Personal and Wellness Responsibility (POWER) Account contributions will be waived from March 2020 through August 2020. This applies to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), HIP, and Medicaid for Employees with Disabilities (M.E.D. Works). FAST TRACK Payments are temporarily not required and HIP member eligibility timelines will match that of fast track eligibility. Please contact us if you specific questions about how this will impact your patients. FSSA BT202033
  • The Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) will increase by 6.2%.
  • Medicaid DSH – Federal legislation eliminates the $4 billion in Medicaid DSH cuts in FY 2020 and reduces the cut for FY 2021 to $4 billion from $8 billion. Implementation of the FY 2021 cuts are delayed until Dec. 1, 2020. H.R.6201
  • Telehealth Patient Referrals – Indiana Medicaid will allow interactions between patients and doctors and other health care providers, as well as other Medicaid service deliveries, to occur either over the phone or through the use of telemedicine technologies whenever possible. FSSA BT202034
  • FSSA has announced that Telephone and Telemedicine will now be covered for both in and out of state providers, with some exceptions (surgical procedures, lab work). Reimbursement for the covered services is allowed for both Traditional Medicaid and all Managed Care programs.