For any patient that is having difficultly having a provider accept their temporary coverage (PE), direct them to contact their corresponding plan customer service number.

  • For HIP it would be their MCE. Click here for guide.
  • For Fee for Service plans ( Pregnancy, low income family, children, infants and former foster children) they should contact the Member services line 1-317-713-9627 or 1-800-457-4584.



  • Family planning does not cover anything other than services connected to delay or prevention of pregnancy and they really should apply for coverage through the marketplace.
  • Pharmacy difficulties – It may take up to three days for a member’s eligibility status to be visible in all eligibility systems, particularly in the eligibility systems of the managed care pharmacy benefit managers. During that time, the member is eligible to receive services. The eligibility verification letter clearly indicates the date a member’s coverage begins and ends and serves as a members’ identification card. If a member is enrolled with an MCE and the pharmacy provider is unsure of the member’s status, the provider should contact the MCE listed on the eligibility verification letter for guidance.