We need to be aware that our patients may go to see other providers subsequent to seeing us.  To ensure our efforts are not being duplicated or interrupted, we want to provide the patient with information to give the other providers that alerts them of the work we have already started.  We have seen instances where the new provider performs a PE AFTER we have filed a HIP with a Fast Track payment (which will then void our attempt to obtain coverage the first of the month of the Fast Track payment).  In an attempt to avoid this issue, please do the following:

When the patient signs the second page of the Consent for FT form:

  1. Reiterate that after we make the initial POWER account payment/or FT payment on their behalf (whether it is with their credit or debit card or one that is provided to us by the hospital/foundation; they will not be able to change their MCE for 12 months.
  2. Have them sign the second page.  You keep the second page and give them a copy.
  3. Write on the first page of the Written Consent for Initial POWER Account Payment:
    • The date, their name, the MCE selected and a statement – I do not want to have a Presumptive Eligibility application filed as I have filed an application for HIP coverage with a FT payment.
  4. Give them the Consent Form with the written statement added and explain that if they see another provider before their HIP application is approved they should show them this document.  Attempt to explain to them that if a PE is filed after the FT is made and before they are conditionally approved, coverage cannot go back to the first of the month of when the FT was made.

We are hoping that if the patient has this document and presents it to a provider that is attempting to file a PE we may be able to reduce the occurrence of other providers filing PE when a full application has already been filed with a FT.