Special Education Services are as expensive as they are essential, with every dollar in the budget stretched thin. In most schools, adding staff or acquiring new technology is a big decision or simply impossible. That’s why school administrators have seen the value in pursuing a Medicaid School-Based Billing Program. Providing fast, effective solutions that simplify and streamline the Medicaid billing process is a promise we keep to the schools we serve with passion and commitment. By delivering increased revenue and timely reimbursements for the state specific qualified IEP special education services, you know you have a trusted partner in ClaimAid.

All you do is simply enter the data online, and we’ll take it from there. In all cases, our open, collaborative process means you have fast and easy access to the information and data you need. Our client service representatives have years of experience and make themselves available to you in person, online or by phone.

We partner with your school for fast access to critical reimbursements through by offering the following services:

  • Medicaid claim filing
  • Educational in-service sessions
  • Web-based documentation and claim software
  • Online tracking and tools and reports
  • Reliable document library
  • Compliance education
  • Free self-audit tool and documentation review
  • Personal service—in person, online or by phone
  • Continual collaboration that maintains best practices

How does this benefit you? You receive…

  • Additional Funds, programs and revenue. The schools use revenue from the Medicaid School-Based Billing Program to strengthen their Special Education Departments.
  • Timesavings for your staff. Our processes are straightforward and simple. Documentation and service logs can be updated quickly.
  • Support. Every question is important. We’re there for the answers—on the phone, online or in person.
  • Training. We help in training your staff to the processes and even hold refresher sessions each year.
  • Audit protection. Audits are nothing to fear when your documentation is accurate. We make sure it’s done correctly, and we help you improve your own processes by offering a free self-audit tool.
  • Critical Compliance. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) changes, especially in regards to Medicaid and Medicaid billing, we have the resources and the expertise to keep you informed and on track with all of the laws and regulations.
  • Documentation tools. We can help streamline the documentation process and assist you with modifying your existing data collection tools to meet Medicaid requirements. We can also provide your district with documentation forms.
  • Valuable Information. Our web-based reporting tools help managers and administrators have access to all the information they need and more.
  • Better Collaboration. We frequently bring Medicaid billing clients together to share best practices and present process improvements in collaborative, roundtable format.