School-Based Medicaid Billing

We optimize reimbursements for school districts providing Medicaid approved non-educational services to students with IEPs that need assistance in:

  • Personal health service
  • Behavioral services
  • Nursing services
  • Transportation service
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Counseling
Contact ClaimAid to see if your school district is a qualified Medicaid provider and how we can help.

Participants for School-Based Medicaid Billing

  • Must be enrolled as a current Medicaid provider. If you are unsure if you are enrolled, we can assist.
  • Incur an expense for the non-education services that are being provided to the student.

It’s our job to make your job easier by:

  • Assisting districts with the Medicaid enrollment and/or re-enrollment processes
  • Reviewing and determining eligible students and services
  • Verifying Medicaid student eligibility
  • Billing Medicaid for eligible services
  • Performing follow-ups on all submitted claims
  • Providing monthly and yearly detailed reports and invoices
  • Providing audit reviews and assistance during state or federal audits
  • Providing a web-based portal for staff documentation and data submission
  • Providing direct access to client service personnel
  • Providing all training for assigned staff

Check out our benefits


Strengthen your Special Education Department

Reimbursements from the School-Based Medicaid Billing Program can be used to better serve students, giving them the tools they need for a successful education.


A Full Suite of Support

Our streamlined documentation process that is customized to work within your existing data collection tools, combined with our meticulous training and support team, ensures you meet Medicaid requirements while saving your staff time.


Audit Protection and Critical Compliance

By offering both in-person documentation and compliance audits, we ensure your documentation is accurate and efficient while our resources keep you informed and on track with laws and regulations.

We focus on billing so you can focus on the students.