As you are aware it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that the individuals we are assisting with HIP applications, which includes giving them information & resources about their plan choices; understand that once they make ANY initial payment to an MCE (whether it is Fast Track or first POWER account contribution) this meets the full enrollment in that plan.  A change in plan cannot be made for 12 months without cause.

This bulletin includes the link for the full list of the “for Cause” reasons for plan transfer exceptions but understand they must be approved by the current health plan or the State AND  are very limited.

If you are assisting in any way with a FAST Track payment have the individual sign the consent which is attached to this bulletin which provides their Rights and Protections. This document includes information “ When You Can Change Your Health Insurance Plan”, and “Where to get HELP in making your selection (1-877-GET-HIP-9)”.  Always provide the individual with  a copy and  keep  a copy for the file.