Our Social Security Disability Advocate can help you at every stage of the process

At ClaimAid, we understand how challenging it can be when applying for disability benefits.  That’s why we offer assistance with Federal Social Security Disability appeals. We aim to provide those in need of disability coverage the very best opportunity at receiving it from all available resources with the help of our professional, compassionate Social Security Disability Advocate.

Tammy Loy

Tammy Loy

Attorney at Law, Social Security Disability Advocate

I’ve worked in the legal field in some capacity since 1997, but I began my career in the “public service” industry in 2000 while completing my Masters in Public Administration, serving as an Assistant Town Manager of a small Indiana community before relocating out of state.  I had always dreamed of becoming an attorney since the age of six, and I always knew that it would involve serving the public in some way. I decided to combine these two interests in 2006 by attending law school; and then began practicing in the areas of public interest law in 2009 and exclusively in the area of Social Security Disability law in 2010.

Having lost several family members in 2010 and having dealt with chronic and/or terminal illnesses first hand, I decided that the best way to honor my lost loved ones while pursuing my law career was to become a Disability Advocate. This was the only area of law where I felt that I could make a lifelong difference in the lives of my clients, and it combined my passion of wanting to help others with my professional skills. Today, I love being able to tell someone they have been approved for benefits and can seek the medical treatment they need. That’s why Social Security Disability law is a perfect niche for me. I cannot see myself doing anything else!
ClaimAid provides a unique opportunity in that they have Patient Advocates in numerous hospitals, meeting clients at the onset of the disability process. I like the ability to assist clients from the very beginning of the application throughout the appeal process. This “win-win” comprehensive approach allows ClaimAid to not only assist its hospital clients but also the individual patients as well. This is not found in any traditional law firm setting. The ClaimAid culture is one that exhibits true empathy and compassion for the clients I serve.

Tammy assists claimants who have been denied Social Security disability benefits throughout the administrative appeal process by compiling hearing documents, writing legal briefs, obtaining medical evidence, and attending hearings.  Before joining ClaimAid as their staff attorney in 2013, she was a sole practitioner. She received a B.A. in Legal Administration and an M.A. in Political Science/Public Administration from Ball State University, Muncie, IN, and received her JD from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, Detroit, MI. As far as Industry Affiliations, she is a member of the: Maryland State Bar Association; National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives (NOSSCR); National Elder Law Associations (NAELA); Indianapolis Bar Association; Federal Bar Association and the American Bar Association – Administrative Law Division.