How are Social Security and SSI Different?

You may hear Social Security and SSI used interchangeably, yet they are two distinct types of Social Security disability insurance.

Title XVI: SSI

  • General revenues from federal budget
  • Aged, blind and disabled adults and children
  • Needs-based
  • Medicaid eligibility
  • Federal Benefit Rate is $733 (individual), $1100 (couples)


  • Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance
  • Funded through Social Security payroll taxes
  • Covers workers, spouses and children
  • Not needs-based (based on earned work credits – more on that next week)
  • Medicare eligibility

Case Highlight

Candy was 38 years old cardiac patient from Good Samaritan Hospital. She had been denied benefits repeatedly due to her young age and education.  She had all but given up on disability attorneys (having already had 3 others) but chose ClaimAid based on a referral from her patient advocate, who she trusted. Within 6 months, Candy was approved for both SSI and SSDI benefits after waiting 4 long years and going to court 2 times prior!