ClaimAid Consulting Corporation and the IASB are offering a $2,000 one-time grant award for a graduating special education senior who is planning to attend college. This scholarship will be awarded based on a number of requirements. The applications will be reviewed by members of IASB and ClaimAid Consulting Corporation. The scholarship committee will focus on the student’s educational goals and their accomplishments in academia thus far. In addition to academia, the committee will review any involvement in extracurricular activities or community involvement. Applicant must attend a high school in a school district that participates in the Iowa Medicaid Reimbursement Program (IMED) and is a participant at the time the scholarship is awarded.

There are six sections of the Star Student Scholarship of Iowa. Each section must be completed and all questions must be answered fully and honestly, not exceeding the space provided. If you are unable to answer a question, please fill in the space with a Not Applicable sign (N/A). Failure to complete the application will result in termination. If you have any questions, please contact ClaimAid Consulting Corporation at (317) 777-7539.

Application is currently closed.